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Volunteer With Us!

Like to sing?  Want to make some new friends?  Eager to do your part to make the world better, happier?

If you answered "yes" and you are a high school student or older, then you may want to become a volunteer member of our MUSIC MAKES ME HAPPY Chorus.  See the HOW TO JOIN page for details, and contact the Director to learn more.

As a volunteer member you will be expected to do all that the other members of the chorus do, plus some other tasks as needed (listed below):  

  • Welcome singers as they arrive and help them if needed (with mobility, carrying things, etc.).  

  • Learn the chorus songs well enough to be a leader and an example for others.

  • Be alert to any needs of members that require attention or assistance during the rehearsal/event.

  • Get the snacks ready about 5 minutes before snack time.

  • Assist in set-up and clean-up if needed or solicited.

  • At concerts, assist with getting people in their assigned concert positions.

  *  MOST IMPORTANT: Be a kind, enthusiastic, encouraging FRIEND to our 'special' singers!


If you decide to join the chorus as a volunteer, you will be asked to sign the Member Agreement form, along with a Volunteer Registration Form and the Publicity Permission Form.        



After visiting the chorus and determining together with the director that it is a good fit, you'll be asked to fill out a registration form and a signature form:


Click here to fill out the Volunteer Registration Form.

Click here to fill out the Volunteer Signature Form (includes Member Agreement, Publicity Permission, and COVID-19 Policies).

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