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Music Makes Me Happy Chorus is accepting new members! The chorus is designed for adults with special needs, from age 18-88. Potential members should enjoy singing and making new friends. Our group includes people with both physical and developmental disabilities.



What do I need to do to become a member

of the "MUSIC MAKES ME HAPPY" Chorus?


1. Contact the Director to say you are interested in joining.


2. Arrange a time to come to an introductory evening or rehearsal to see if you and the chorus are a good match.


There is no required singing audition; we just spend time together to see how things go. For some individuals, membership may be contingent upon the singer being accompanied by a caregiver during rehearsal, concerts, events.


3. If it is a good match and everyone is happy with the situation, the Director will ask you to fill out the required membership forms: Registration, Membership Agreement, Publicity Permission, Covid-19 Policy. (All the forms are on the Registration page.)


4. Complete all the required forms and make payment.





Membership Agreement


  • Singers sign up for the year with registration and payment made in three installments:  in September, December, and March (for 13 weeks each)


  • Will attend weekly rehearsals; and in the event of illness or a necessary absence will have someone notify the director in advance


  • Must arrange own transportation to and from all chorus rehearsals, concerts, events*


  • Will take turns bringing snack items for designated rehearsals


 *  If specified, must be accompanied by a caregiver/helper.


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