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Singers join the MUSIC MAKES ME HAPPY Chorus for the entire program year September - June, but they are billed in three 13-week sessions:

$250 per session*


*Fee includes 20 hours of program time per session.


Fees are due the first rehearsal of each session for returning members, or the first rehearsal after the initial “chorus visit” for new members.

Note:  There is no refund of fees for rehearsals or events that the member misses.


Chorus rehearsals are Monday evenings, 7:00-8:30 pm. (See full calendar here)



It is our desire to not turn anyone away from chorus membership based on financial need.

If the fee is a hardship for you, please contact MMMH about receiving a scholarship. (You

will be asked to submit a Request for Scholarship Assistance Form.) 


Click here to access the Request for Scholarship Assistance Form.



Payment Plans

Whether you are paying the full fee, or receiving a scholarship to pay a reduced fee, you may

opt to sign up for a payment plan, paying your fee in smaller, more frequent installments.


Click here to access the Payment Plan Request Form.


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